Sunday, February 10, 2008

The mute reader

Julie makes some very good points regarding the bloglist on and how their list of titles doesn't really serve the reader in managing their time and finding blogs of interest to them. This issue is a very real one for journalism today and speaks to what media scholar Axel Bruns calls a "gatewatching" function that journalism will increasingly play--kind of a cross between what journalists traditionally do as gatekeepers and what librarians do in guiding users to the information they want.

It's also interesting to note that Julie did not enable her blog readers to respond to her blog with comments--even print journalism allows letters to the editor, Julie!

Online readings and swipe access

Lucas assures us that all the readings will be online by tomorrow. You can now see the readings in courseworks, but mostly call numbers of the books they are from. We do not expect you to go photocopy the chapters; the specific readings will be online.

In addition, we have been promised that all students except a couple who have not picked up their new ID cards will have swipe access to Schapiro.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What hath Frodo2 wrought?

What have we done with this first post? But why is our blog now important?